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Land Of Psymon

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by Eric B. Vogel, Psy.D.
Kids love collecting cards, and they'll love capturing Psymon cards as they learn important cognitive-behavioral skills with this enchanting board game.

Each of the 10 "bad" Psymon ("psychological monsters") represents a negative thinking pattern and common cognitive distortion. Players learn about their modes of attack and strategies for defending against them. The 6 "good" Psymon exhibit the positive cognitive-behavioral skills that defeat negative thinking habits. Players earn points by identifying the good and bad Psymon at work in the situations described on Think cards.

Beautifully illustrated and really fun to play, Psymon is an ideal tool for teaching children cognitive-behavioral life skills. For 2 to 12 players

"This game is an outstanding new tool to aid in making Cognitive Therapy understandable and fun for school-age children."
    Tonia Brockman, Ph.D., Chief Psychologist, Kaiser Permanente, South San Francisco, CA