Play 2 Learn Go Fish: Set of 6 Card Games

Product Number : 1823A

Grades K-2 and grades 3-5. Based on the popular card game, Go Fish, these games help youngsters improve social and emotional skills in the following areas: Anger, Friendship, Feelings, Character, Responsibility, and Conflict. There are two decks of 50 cards in each game; one for each grade level. The games differ from classic go fish in that players must answer a question before they can accept a requested card. Instead of numbers on the cards they all have fun fish names and pictures. Rules sheet and facilitator guidelines included.

Set includes one each of the following titles:

Go Fish: Catch and Release Your Anger game
Go Fish: Hooked On Friendship game
Go Fish: Fishing for Feelings game
Go Fish: Catch Good Character game
Go Fish: Reel in Responsibility game
Go Fish: Cast Away Conflict game

Card games also sold individually.

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