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Play 2 Learn Dominoes on Anger Control Game

Product Number : W-627C

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  • Engaging game mixes anger management with playing dominoes
  • Help children understand what situations warrant anger and which ones don’t
  • For 2-5 players
  • Ages: 5-10

Written by Franklin D. Rubenstein, Ph. D. In this game, players have fun playing dominoes while learning to manage their anger and problem-solve in a thoughtful, assertive, and respectful way. Before playing a domino, a player picks a card from one of four decks and either answers a question or practices a skill. The Angry or Not cards give players practice distinguishing between situations that generally cause people to get angry and situations where anger is inappropriate. The Skills cards give players practice using a set of skills to help control their anger. Skills include thinking first, taking deep breaths, being assertive rather than aggressive, etc. The Action cards give practice dealing with anger in pro-social and appropriate ways. The My Anger Stories cards give players a chance to share the kinds of things that make them angry and demonstrate how to successfully deal with such situations and the resulting anger.

 This game is also part of the Play-to-Learn Dominoes Set.