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PeaceTalks Bridging Racial Divisions DVD

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  • Help teens from different racial groups move past the stereotypes and conflicts that divide them
  • Topics include: violence triggers, racial slurs, graffiti, and more!
  • Duration: 28 minutes
  • Leader’s Guide available online
Nothing can fan the flames of teen violence like the mistrust and conflicts which result from racial divisions. Bridging Racial Divisions explores the painful personal consequence of racial conflicts as teenagers from different racial groups come together to discuss the stereotypes and prejudice that divide them. Triggers to violence such as racial slurs and graffiti are examined, and teenagers are encouraged to value diversity and build communication across racial and ethnic lines.

PeaceTalks is a research-based and award-winning program which incorporates multiple approaches shown to be effective in reducing aggression and violence. Hosted by Michael Pritchard, America's most respected teen counselor. Pritchard is a humorist, actor, youth activist, former probation officer, and PBS host. Educate kids about violence in our society, the risks they face every day, and the positive choices they can make to stay safe. PeaceTalks prevents violence by teaching kids how to avoid dangerous situations, handle their own emotions, and use conflict resolution skills. PeaceTalks empowers teens to learn how to get along with others.

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