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Out of This World: Hey Max...Pay Attention! The Importance of Concentration

Product Number : 53734

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  • Follow Max as he learns how to cope with making a mistake and keeping concentration
  • Features 6 hands-on lessons!
  • Issue #3 in the Out of This World comic book series
  • Grades: 3-12

In this issue, Max is put in charge of an important job. Although the job is important, Max finds out it's boring and becomes easily distracted and makes a big mistake! Now he must learn to cope with his mistake and learn how to keep concentrating even when he doesn't feel like it. Kids will work through 6 Lessons including: How concentration and teamwork lead to success Concentration strategies Focusing in the Classroom Identifying distractions and using charts Identifying errors due to inattention Identifying feelings of frustration due to the inability to concentrate Activities include: Maze Word, Scramble Behavioral Chart, Writing Activity, Spatial Activity, and Decoded Questions. A Leader's Guide is also included. 8 x 10 inches, 32 pages. Recommended for children in grades 3 to 12.