Movie Clips for Creative Mental Health Education Book

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By Fritz Engstrom, M.D. This innovative volume presents a wealth of information to the educator/clinician who wants to use movie clips as a teaching tool on issues about mental health. Specially chosen clips are recommended based on their portrayal of the issues, dramatic feel, acting styles, and brevity in getting the point across.

Join well-known Dr. Engstrom as he covers common themes in psychological/psychiatric educational settings.

Some topics covered:
- Depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Substance Abuse and Dependence, Personality Disorder
- Bereavement and Pathological Grief, Families and Life Crisis
- Healing in Mental Health Settings
- The Therapeutic Relationship

Over 40 movies are each reviewed with a four-page module:
Page 1: OUTLINE - the date of the movie, actors in the scene, timing on DVD and VHS (simple directions to find the scene), the length of the film clip (typically 2 to 6 minutes), summary of the movie and scene.
Page 2: INSIGHT PAGE - Five questions per handout can be used with clients or patients to prompt them to think about themselves.
Pages 3 and 4: DISCUSSION - Questions and answers about the movie facilitate learning. Students and staff at all levels can appreciate nuances of diagnosis and treatment. Clinicians, faculty, and teachers can use this section to lead discussions among students and/or patients.

Examples of some of the 40 movies are:
The Last Picture Show (Depression)
Good Morning Vietnam (Bipolar )
A Beautiful Mind (Schizophrenia)
Saving Private Ryan (Life Cycle Events - Bereavement)
E.T. (Healing in Mental Health)
Good Will Hunting (The Therapeutic Relationship)

Be ready to have engaging sessions full of lively discussion and insights with this creative way of getting the information and messages across. 194-pages, spiral-bound.

(Does not include actual videos or DVDs)

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