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Motivation Workbook

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  • Help clients find motivation on their journey to a healthier life
  • Great tool for working with teens or adults in a therapeutic or supportive role
  • Can be used in groups or one-on-one
  • Each activity includes clear instructions and reproducible activities to keep your planning and preparation time at a minimum
  • Includes a special section addressing needs of clients with emotional and/or substance abuse issues

Written by Carol Butler, MS ED & Ester A. Leutenberg. The activities in this book will help participants identify and tap into both inner strengths and external resources in order to reach their full potential. Part I has 23 sections, for all adult and teen participants who would benefit from motivation exercises. Part II has 9 sections, specifically for clients with mental illness and addiction issues who would benefit from motivation exercises. Versatility of materials for various age groups, interactive and/or introspective activities, and the uniqueness of guided discovery of strengths, interests, hopes and dreams make this book vital. 242 pages


Facilitator-led sessions provide blueprints or maps to help leaders:

Conduct question and answer sessions, brainstorming, games and other activities.

Engage clients attention, heighten their interest, and promote creative thinking.

Motivate participants to reach their highest potential.

Encourage group members to listen and learn from each other.


Participants will:

Recognize they are not alone with their fears and aspirations.

Identify and overcome potential obstacles to success.

Ponder, learn and grow from past experiences.

Develop insight and define hopes and dreams.

Reflect upon and respond to inspirational quotes and the wisdom of the ages.

Become aware of their personal attributes.

Initiate goal-oriented action.


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