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Most Used, Most Abused Drugs: Tobacco Horror Picture Show DVD

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  • Humor with horror drive home the message that nicotine hooks you, while tar in tobacco kills you
  • Features interviews from recovering teen smokers and cancer victims
  • Duration: 25 minutes

A student sends his younger brother a text message, saying he saw him out behind the school smoking with some other kids. Lil' Bro tells him to back off and quit being a hypocrite, since he used to smoke too. But big brother doesn't give up. Featured is Debi Austin, a throat cancer victim who smokes through the stoma opening in her neck where her larynx used to be. In the video, dramatic presentations by "vampires" and other horror genre characters are balanced with interviews from recovering teen smokers and dippers who offer sage advice to fellow students: "Don't start!" Peppered throughout, online chats reveal the older brother working tirelessly to convince the younger to quit smoking, and the story ends positively when he's finally successful and even gets a public Facebook "Thank you!" from his own Lil' Bro. 25 minutes.

This DVD is also part of the Most Used, Most Abused Drug DVD Series.