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Most Used, Most Abused Drugs: This is Your Brain on Alcohol DVD

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  • Teach middle school students about the development of their brains
  • Highlight the negative effects of alcohol use on developing minds
  • Information is presented by popular high school students
  • Duration: 17 minutes

New studies show that the brain builds its basic capacities for the future during adolescent years. Popular high school students present groundbreaking information about the effects of alcohol on developing brains for middle school students.  Alcohol use during this time has a major impact because it disrupts the growing brain's plasticity.

This Is Your Brain On Alcohol delivers the evidence that the brain continues to develop all the way until the age of 24. The message to middle school students in this peer education video is clear: Alcohol use is neither healthy nor cool, most kids do not use it and those who do risk irreversible damage to their developing brains. 17 minutes in duration.

This DVD is also part of the Most Used, Most Abused Drug DVD Series.