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Most Used, Most Abused Drugs: Smoking The Toxic Truth DVD

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  • Discourage teens from smoking by exploring the toxic consequences
  • Uses a strong anti-drug message
  • Duration: 24 minutes

Jill texts Zoey with the news that she has broken up with her boyfriend, Brady, because of his smoking. A familiar exchange from teenagers about relationships opens Smoking the Toxic Truth, a tobacco prevention video that discourages young people from smoking. They meet Terry Jones, a larynx cancer patient struggling with the results of his choice to smoke. Terry's teenage son laments that his Dad is different now that he has cancer, brought on himself by smoking. Terry's otolaryngologist warns: "There is no question that tobacco smoke is the prime cause of cancer of the larynx." Throughout the show, Jill and Zoey continue chatting online about the negatives of smoking and how it divides teens socially. On a Facebook page, we learn that Brady gets kicked off the basketball team for smoking, and is now hanging out with a drug-using crowd of kids. In a positive conclusion, this documentary video features teens warning their peers about tobacco toxicity and addiction, giving them the good advice to say "No" to smoking. 24 minutes.

This DVD is also part of the Most Used, Most Abused Drug DVD Series.