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LifeSteps 12 DVD Series

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  • Use comedy, dramatizations, and insightful problem solving
  • DVD are 26-30 minutes
  • Leader’s guides are available online
  • Grades: 6-12

This lively and powerful research-based series, developed by America's most respected teen counselor, Michael Pritchard, combines uplifting comedy, moving dramatizations, and insightful problem-solving sessions to help students develop the character and social-emotional skills to become responsible, knowledgeable, caring, and successful. These 12 engaging programs help prevent alcohol and drug use, violence, and other at-risk behaviors, promote problem-solving skills and empathy, and encourage teens to make healthy choices. Features actual students filmed in actual schools and uses lively, spontaneous discussions, dramatized dilemmas, topical humor, and the sensitive, supportive guidance of Michael Pritchard to encourage, engage, and educate viewers. Pritchard is a youth educator, humorist, actor, former probation officer, and host of award-winning series.


Series includes one each of the following DVDs:

LifeSteps: The ABCs of Emotional Intelligence DVD
This vital program outlines the key elements of emotional intelligence as students discover they have the power to bounce back, balance emotional and academic demands, and make positive choices. 

LifeSteps Knowing Who You Are DVD
Self-knowledge, the most fundamental life skill, is promoted as teens learn how to reflect on their own behavior, learn from experience, and develop the integrity and moral character to resist peer pressure. 

LifeSteps: Taking Charge DVD
This critical program builds the emotional skills of responsibility as students integrate the fundamentals of self-control: taking charge of their emotions, coping with stress, avoiding impulsive behavior, developing self-discipline, and managing anger.

LifeSteps: Bouncing Back DVD
Students learn the essentials of resiliency- how to identify internal strengths and external support, build perseverance, and maintain a positive sense of self-worth and optimism. 

LifeSteps: Empathy, Caring, and Compassion DVD
Students explore the critical skills that make up empathy, the importance of compassion, and the moral imperative to help others in need- particularly the victims of bullying.

LifeSteps: Creative Problem Solving DVD
This important program presents the Life Steps Eight Point Problem-Solving Program, which teaches teens how to identify problems, deal with them forthrightly, brainstorm creative options, and choose positive solutions.

LifeSteps: Getting Along With Others DVD
Teens discover positive ways to assert themselves, express complaints, handle misunderstandings, and block rumors as they apply the key social skills of mediation, negotiation, active listening, and "I" messages.

LifeSteps: Building Character DVD
Teens develop the elements of good character as they learn to navigate the dilemmas of adolescence: what to do when friends are making bad choices about drugs, stealing, lying to parents, and drinking and driving. 

LifeSteps: Respect DVD
Respect is the fundamental value of democracy in a diverse society. Barriers to respect, such as prejudice and bigotry, are explored as students learn that empathy and respect are the basis of all healthy relationships.

LifeSteps: Responsibility DVD
Teens master the first rule of responsibility: to do no harm to themselves or to others as they confront difficult choices about sex. Dependability and trustworthiness are championed as students learn to ask themselves the guiding question: What is the most important thing I need to be doing right now?

LifeSteps: Developing Healthy Relationships DVD
Teens learn to build their own personal support system, recognize true friends, foster open communication with adults, recognize trust and honesty as a critical foundation for all relationships, and develop positive refusal skills. 

LifeSteps: Doing Your Best DVD
This inspirational program instills the essential skills of success: motivation, commitment, goal setting, persistence, and the power of self-confidence and optimism. An appreciation of excellence is stressed.