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Lifeskills Cards for Teens

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  • Teach teens how to deal with complex issues 
  • Topics include stress, making friends, anger managements, and more
  • Includes 6 decks of cards

Uses age-appropriate questions to start teens thinking about the vital issues in their lives.

This Set includes one each of the following:

Dear Jess, I'm Stressed!:
 Each card has a letter from a stressed-out teen asking for advice. Teens pretend they are Jess and offer advice. It's easy to expand the discussion to include the entire group.

Making and Keeping Friends:
 This deck of cards focuses on real-life situations that help teens reflect on their own friendship skills and their personal values as they make and keep friends.

Managing Your Anger Situations:
 While emphasizing that everyone experiences anger differently, these cards help teens develop an array of techniques to handle situations that provoke their anger.

Which Best Describes You?:
 This version uses age-appropriate questions to start young teens thinking about the vital issues in their lives. Presented with two possible answers to a question, teens are asked to reflect and determine which is most like them and why.

Talents and Interests:
 This deck helps teens identify and rate their different personal talents and interests and begin talking about what they can do with those strengths.

Tough Topics:
 Straightforward questions about the challenging health, personal, and social issues that teens are presented with in school and home, to elicit opinions, views, and values.