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Let's Talk About...The Gift of ADHD Card Game

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  • Motivate kids and teens with ADHD to use their unique skills and the basis for a lifetime of success
  • Can be played either at home or in counseling sessions
  • Includes 101 cards that build on the natural gifts of people with ADHD
  • Ages: 8 and up

This game will create a unique opportunity for kids and teens to understand the special skills that are associated with ADHD and apply these skills to everyday problems and concerns. This game takes a positive approach to helping kids and teens with ADHD, helping them see that their differences can also be strengths. Ideally, the game will help players see that their strengths can also be used to address problems associated with ADHD. Developed by Lawrence E. Shapiro Ph.D., a nationally recognized expert in emotional intelligence in children.

This card game is also part of the Let's Talk About Set