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Let's Talk About How...It's Great to Be Good Card Game

Product Number : 2314

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  • Help kids learn to communicate their problems and concerns
  • Build lifelong traits of empathy, caring, and self-control
  • Includes 101 cards that teach the importance of good behavior
  • Ages: 5-12

This game was developed by Lawrence E. Shapiro, Ph.D., a nationally recognized expert on emotional intelligence in children. This game is designed to teach children important emotional intelligence skills by giving them a chance to talk and think about their behavior. More importantly, the game gives adults a chance to talk about their own values in a calm and fun way, rather than by lecturing children after misbehavior occurs. Can be played at home, in a classroom, or in a therapeutic setting. The game can be enjoyed by all children, but will be particularly useful for children with mild to moderate behavioral problems.

This card game is also part of the Let's Talk About Set