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Learning Responsibility the Green Way Workbook*

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  • Teach youth about individual responsibility to themselves and others
  • Help spark discussion about responsible behavior in a classroom setting
  • Great for middle and high school students!

Written by Terri Haag. Now counselors and teachers can teach middle and high school youth important lessons about individual responsibility to one's self, family, friends, community, country and world using examples from an environmental friendly point of view.

This easy to use, reproducible workbook includes many exercises and activities that define responsibility and how the student's decision making and behavior determines if he/she is a responsible citizen of the world. One's actions are viewed in light of everyday behaviors that help the reader choose to be responsible for his/her carbon footprint, relationship with nature, ecology, conservatism, and much more.

The Teacher's Answers section in the back of the book gives suggested topics for discussion and possible answers to the questions. The intention of the book is to spark discussion, stimulate original thought, and encourage responsible behavior. 47 pages, spiral bound.