Ice Breaker 6 Inch Thumball

Product Number : 51019

This six inch Thumball is a great ice breaker for children, families, and groups. Thumballs are a soft, stuffed ball that is safe for indoor use. It can be used to start and end a session. Nearly everyone enjoys playing catch and everyone can play with a ball. Game play is simple! Throw it, roll it, pass it or catch it. Look under your thumb. React to the word, phrase, or graphic found there. Each panel has a different word, graphic, or photo, and each ball has 32 panels. Thumball is easy to throw and catch inside since it is a soft stuffed ball. Thumball: · Stimulates Conversation · Improves Social Interactions · Prompts Focused Participation · Great Icebreaker for Groups · Develops Communications Skills · Links Learning and Play · Bonds Families A pump is not required for thumballs.

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