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Expressionary! Board Game

Product Number : 350116

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  • A must have game for educators, therapists, and families!
  • Help player express their feelings and thoughts

  • Includes: game board, 80 cards, chips, 8 place markers, one-minute timing device

  • For 4-12 players

  • Ages: 12-17

Expressionary! created by Amanda L. Gissel, M.A. Expressionary! is a game about feelings - what situations bring them up and the many different ways they can be expressed. Whether through words or non-verbally through movement and drawings, This game makes it easy and fun for players to express their feelings and thoughts. The object of the game is to have the highest number of tokens through correctly guessing other player's expressions, and being able to effectively communicate with others. The game is a must-have for every educator's, therapist's, or family's game collection! 4-12 players. Recommended for ages 12-17.


Game board

40 Feelings cards

40 Situation cards


8 Place markers

1-minute timing device