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Drugs and Alcohol Game

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The Drugs and Alcohol Game
by Berthold Berg, Ph.D.

Because children are exposed to drugs and alcohol at earlier ages, it's more important than ever that they acquire the skills necessary to resist the internal and external pressures to experiment with these substances. This game familiarizes children with the situations that often lead to substance use and, through discussion and role playing, teaches them how to successfully refrain from using drugs and alcohol.

Acknowledging that certain attitudes and emotions
not just peer pressureunderlie the decision to use drugs and alcohol, the game addresses the complex circumstances that lead to drug use in the real world. Game cards present realistic scenarios in which characters confront alcohol, crack, marijuana, and pills. Players identify the characters' motivations to use drugs, and then they role play responses that reject drug use.

An accompanying self-report inventory helps you identify each child's potential incentives to use drugs and alcohol.

For Ages 10 and Up