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Drug Class 3: Staying Healthy DVD

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  • Explores the importance of staying healthy
  • Great tool for prevention and recovery classes

  • Includes an online leader's guide

  • Duration: 23 minutes

  • Ages: 12 and up

Drug Class Season 3 - 10th DVD. This episode shares the importance of staying healthy and ways of accomplishing this goal. Krystal talks about how friendships can be harmful and Rand helps her understand that what her friends do are not her responsibility. This episode also takes a look at how to focus through meditation. Rand provides wristbands for the students so they can be more aware of their thoughts. DVD is 23 minutes in duration. Includes an online Leader's Guide.

About Drug Class Season 3

This season continues to follow a group of kids struggling with varying levels of drug and alcohol abuse. Their stories are interwoven with Rand Teed's drug classes, his counseling sessions, interviews, their everyday lives, and their personal diary cams. Rand Teed challenges the students with the question: "Is your life better or worse from using drugs?"