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Drug Class 2: Emotional Growth DVD

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  • Heavy drug and alcohol use stunts Kristie's emotional growth and maturity
  • Great tool for prevention and recovery classes

  • Includes an online leader's guide

  • Duration: 23 minutes

  • Ages: 12 and up

Drug Class Season Two- 2nd DVD. After several years of heavy drug and alcohol use, Kristie has now been clean and sober for 9 months. At 18 years old, Kristie realizes that her heavy usage arrested her emotional growth and that she is really lacking maturity. In order for Kristie to grow up, she must learn to face issues and concerns without drugs or alcohol. DVD is 23 minutes in duration. Includes online Leader's Guide. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

About Drug Class Season 2

This season picks up where Season 1's stories left off and we again get the opportunity to follow several more students and their families who are dealing with drug addiction and recovery.