Dr. PlayWell's Controlling Your Anger Card Game

Product Number : 383523

Dr. PlayWell's Controlling Your Anger Card Game

Ages: 6-12. Help kids take control of their anger before it takes control of them. This game teaches children how to recognize and change the things that make them angry, how to compromise in situations where there is a conflict, how to talk about their feelings rather than act on them, and how to self-monitor their emotions. The bonus activities in this game help children learn positive ways to handle frustration in their day-to-day lives. For 2-4 players.

Rock-Paper-Scissors Die
52 Game Cards
12 Activity Cards (these cards are not part of the actual game, but can be used for giving assignments, which will help think about the importance of controlling anger.)

This card game is also part of the Dr. Playwell's Amazing Card Games Collection.

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