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Dr. PlayWell's Amazing Card Games Collection

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  • Engaging cards game may be used in multiple treatment settings!
  • Appropriate for a wide variety of psychological disorders

  • Each game includes 52 game cards, 12 activity cards, die, stickers, and instructions

  • Includes Dr. Playwell's Positive Thinking, Coping with Stress, Caring about Others, Communicating Feelings, and Controlling Your Anger Card Game

  • Created by Lawrence Shapiro, Ph.D.
  • For 2-4 players

  • Ages 6-12

These engaging card games can be used in multiple settings as a treatment program for a wide variety of psychological disorders. Created by a prominent child psychologist, each game teaches the "emotional intelligence" that can help diminish current and future social and emotional problems. For 2-4 players. Recommended for ages 6-12.


Collection includes one each of the following:

Dr. PlayWell's Positive Thinking Card Game
This card game is designed to encourage children to develop a more positive attitude about themselves, their problems, and the people around them. This card game teaches children four essential positive thinking skills, including: recognizing self-defeating statements, changing negative thoughts to positive ones, seeing positive ways to cope with problems, and using positive self-talk. The skills taught in this game will be useful for all children, but in particular they will help children with behavior disorders, anxiety disorders, and depressive symptoms.

Dr. PlayWell's Coping With Stress Card Game
This fun-filled card game teaches children how to handle stress using well-researched stress reduction techniques that include: deep breathing and muscle relaxation, visualization, self-talk, and creating a healthy lifestyle. The bonus activities challenge players to practice their newly learned skills.

Dr. PlayWell's Caring About Others Card Game
Empathy is the winning attitude in this card game! This game is designed to encourage children to understand and care about the feelings of others. Empathy should come naturally, yet many children seem to be unaware of how others feel. In this game children can only win when they start to see the point of view of others and understand the value of helping and caring. Will be particularly useful for children who are oppositional and willful, giving them positive reinforcement as they learn and use new pro-social behaviors.

Dr. PlayWell's Communicating Feelings Card Game
Talking about feelings can be fun! This card game is designed to encourage children to talk about their feelings and understand the feelings of others. This engaging card game challenges kids to recognize how different facial expressions and body language convey feelings, and how to listen and interpret the feelings of others. Game focuses on 13 basic feelings that will help children overcome their emotional, behavioral, or social problems.

Dr. PlayWell's Controlling Your Anger Card Game
Help kids take control of their anger before it takes control of them. This game teaches children how to recognize and change the things that make them angry, how to compromise in situations where there is a conflict, how to talk about their feelings rather than act on them, and how to self-monitor their emotions. The bonus activities in this game help children learn positive ways to handle frustration in their day-to-day lives.

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