Crossing the Bridge Card Game

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Crossing the Bridge Card Game

Ages: 12-18. Each card is designed to encourage a better quality of life through understanding how to make positive changes in self-esteem. Crossing the Bridge Cards are uniquely designed to enhance the personal exploration encouraged in the book Crossing the Bridge: A Journey in Self-Esteem, Relationships, and Life Balance, see product 71031. Group members select a card which corresponds to one or more key concepts in the book, and give voice to their personal views. Process the game by prompting group members to answer such questions as "What did you discover about yourself or someone else in the group?" Instructions include additional suggestions for groups and individual work using the cards. 4-14 players.

What is a positive self-talk statement you say to or about yourself? What feelings does it produce? (Now say two more positives.)
Ask the person on your right to state two positive statements about themselves.

These cards are also part of the Crossing the Bridge Book and Cards Set. To learn more about this set see product 71030.

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