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Cory Helps Kids Cope with Sexual Abuse

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Sexually abused and traumatized children can be difficult to treat because they’re more hesitant to trust and are typically reluctant to talk about their difficult experiences. Children are even harder to engage in therapy when it is talk-oriented and workbook-based. In Cory Helps Kids Cope with Sexual Abuse, award-winning author and international keynote speaker Liana Lowenstein presents an engaging therapeutic story and innovative techniques to create a positive therapeutic experience for your clients and augment treatment effectiveness.

Transform the way you work with traumatized children with this innovative book that will equip you to:

• Integrate therapeutic games, art, stories, and other creative interventions with TF-CBT
• Create a safe and trusting therapeutic environment
• Assess traumatized children
• Address core treatment components: Psychoeducation, relaxation, affective modulation, cognitive processing, trauma narrative, in vivo mastery, conjoint child-parent sessions, and enhancing safety
• Engage children who are reluctant to complete their trauma narrative
• Reduce trauma-related symptoms such as: hypervigilance, dissociation, dysregulation, sleep disturbance, somatic complaints

The book also
includes a reproducible intake questionnaire, tips and interventions for parents, creative rapport-building exercises, useful forms, and more!

Although the focus of this book is on child sexual abuse, the activities can be used with other forms of trauma including domestic violence, neglect, car accidents, grief, serious illness or injury, natural disasters, terrorism, community or school violence, car or plane crashes, bullying, refugee or war experiences.