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Overcoming Employment Barriers, Revised

Product Number : W-647

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  • Learn how to identify barriers to employment
  • Develop strategies for dealing with barriers to employment
  • Engaging format keeps participants involved
  • Suitable for ages 14 thru adult

Overcoming Employment Barriers™ is an educational and counseling game that gives job seekers the knowledge and skills they need to overcome barriers to getting a good job. Barriers to employment refer to obstacles that a person faces that would prevent him or her from landing a wide range of jobs. This game deals explicitly with prejudice and stereotypes. Overcoming Employment Barriers also fosters development of positive personal qualities and presents strategies for overcoming employment barriers. This game is different from most board games. Players do not go around the board with their pawns. The board serves mainly as a playing surface and a presentation of the skills used in the game.

Players will:

  1. Learn how to identify barriers to employment, especially those that are beneath the surface and are not brought up during interviews.
  2. Learn how job seekers face hidden barriers that reflect employer misconceptions, generalizations, and sometimes prejudice.
  3. Learn seven different strategies for dealing with barriers, both obvious and hidden.
  4. Learn how to put the seven strategies into action.
  5. After practicing on case studies, develop action plans for overcoming their own barrier(s).

Overcoming Employment Barriers™ addresses aspects of the following SCANS Skills.


Foundation Skills: Basic Skills, Thinking Skills, Personal Qualities

Workplace Competencies: Interpersonal Skills, Information, Systems


This game is suitable for 2-6 players (or more if playing as a team), and for individuals 14 thru adult.