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Cognitive Affective Therapy in a Bag - Kids' Daily Dilemmas

Product Number : 1987

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Cognitive Affective Therapy (CAT) In A Bag is an interactive game for students in grades 4 through 8. It encourages young people to make wise choices with dilemmas they may face any day. Three levels of situation intensity are presented on cards: mild (yellow), moderate (orange) and more intense (red).

Students take turns rolling the colored die and then choose a card with the matching color. The reader chooses one of the two situations presented on the card and describes what he/she would do. After discussion, the player then reaches into the bag and draws out one of the cat game pieces. If the cat matches the color of the card, the student chooses someone else to respond to the other situation on the card. Other fun challenges are presented if the die lands on a color that does not match the card decks. This engaging card game can be played in small groups or in classrooms.

This fun, interactive game encourages students to explore different choices and emotions associated with possible consequences. As they play, students learn important social skills, self-regulation insights and resiliency.


  • 51 Cards (17 Mild; 17 Moderate; 17 More Intense) – 2 dilemmas per card
  • Colored Die
  • 3 Cat Game Pieces
  • Instruction Booklet