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Christopher's Anger*

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Christopher's Anger*
by Denise Zuckerman, M.A., illustrated by Jessica Sandek, B.F.A.

Christopher gets angry. But he doesn't get angry the way other people do. Mother yells and slams doors. Father hollers and hits. Sister broods. Baby Brother cries. But Christopher turns his anger inward. When the family becomes concerned about Christopher's anger, they ask for help from a therapist named Anna.

With a serious tone and compelling illustrations, this powerful little book shows how each member of Christopher's family expresses anger in a different way—and how their various responses to anger affect one another. It demonstrates how the family's emotional state influences the behavior of individual family members—and how a simple request for help can make life more pleasant for everyone.

Read to children by parent, teacher, or therapist, this book reminds us that anger is sometimes a family problem. Helpful discussion questions are included. Hardcover.