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The Changing Family Workbook*

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The Changing Family Workbook*
by Berthold Berg, Ph.D.

The exercises in this workbook help children cope with parental separation and divorce. They are designed to correct faulty beliefs about blame, peer avoidance, hopes of reconciliation, and fear of abandonment. Requires a 5th-grade reading level.


Also available:
The Changing Family Game*

This engaging board game gives therapists a convenient and very focused way to address the needs of children affected by divorce. Using principles of cognitive restructuring and behavioral rehearsal, it helps children develop more realistic and adaptive attitudes about their parents' divorce. Specifically, it addresses the following nonadaptive attitudes: Peer Ridicule and Avoidance, Paternal Blame, Maternal Blame, Fear of Abandonment, and Hope of Reconciliation. And it introduces children to new behavioral options that can help them adjust to the single parent family and visitation.