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Bumper Blob Education Collection

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The engaging and much-loved Blob characters promote communication, help to develop feelings and emotions, and encourage change.

This exciting collection is packed with new material. It features numerous topical and thought-provoking scenarios, including Wet Play Day and The Inspection, student cards, Blob Tree sheets and a range of visual, emotional intelligence materials. Each image can be used as a short discussion starter or as the basis for a whole lesson.

A set of visual, subject-specific curriculum assessment tools, to help children reflect on and assess their own progress, is also included, as is advice on how to ask the best questions in a sensitive way.

The Bumper Blob Education Collection contains powerful visual tools for all ages. It is an invaluable resource for teachers, teaching assistants and educational psychologists.


  • Introduction
  • School Sheets
  • Blob Pupil Cards
  • Blob Tree Sheets
  • Emotional Intelligence Sheets
  • Blob Pitch Game
  • General Sheets
  • Curriculum Assessment Sheet
158pp A4 paperback