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Bullying in the Girl's World Book

Product Number : 1982

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  • School-based approach to girl bullying
  • Understand the hidden causes of girl bullying and teach skills for dealing with and/or reducing this behavior
  • Includes lessons for parent workshops!
  • Features lessons for classes, individuals, and a group counseling section
  • Grades: 3-8

Bullying in the Girl's World: A School-Wide Approach to Bullying by Diane Senn, Ed.S. Girls bullying and relationally aggressive behavior appears to be motivated by underlying fear and insecurity.

  1. The first step to counteracting girl bullying is an awareness of the hidden causes of girl bullying.
  2. The second step is gaining an understanding that these are behaviors we don't have to accept.
  3. The third step is sharing support and skill building for dealing with and/or reducing girl bullying behavior. Included is a section on parent workshops and handouts.

This book provides a school-based approach to girl bullying that includes class lessons, small group activities and ideas for individual counseling. The class lessons include stories, activities, suggestions and reproducible student worksheets. These strategies are not just for girls and can include the entire class. The group approach includes surveys, stories, strategies, student assessments, and group activities. The individual counseling section includes situation cards, activities, student worksheets, and a simple problem solving model. Recommended for grades 3-8.