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Let's Make Faces! Book

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  • Help children identify facial expressions
  • Develop and explain vocabulary related to emotions

  • Facilitate important conversations between children and adults

  • Ages: 4-8

Let's Make Faces! by Gerard Emerson Langeler. This book will help children identify and understand various facial expressions of others and the feelings behind them. Kids can draw faces, wipe them clean, and then draw them again! The left-hand pages show what a person's face might look like while feeling a certain emotion. The corresponding text also explains each emotion, relating it to real-life situations and possible triggers. "Talking points" encourage children to relate feelings to things that have happened in their lives. This interactive aspect of the book makes every read a new experience. On the opposite page, the child can copy the appropriate expression onto a blank face. This helps the child retain the details of how feelings may look on others. Great for groups or one-on-one. Includes spiral-bound book. Recommended for ages 4-8.