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Between You and Me Game*

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Between You and Me Game

by Cynthia M. Brody, MFT; game board and card design by Thomas Morris

"Imagine and describe an invention that would change the world for the better."

The open-ended questions featured in this game offer children a fun, nonthreatening, and indirect way to identify their feelings and values and express what's on their minds. Game cards pose questions that have no right or wrong answers but do address issues of right and wrong. The cards are organized into the following 9 categories:

  • Manage Your Anger
  • Be Creative
  • That's Private!
  • Say When it Hurts
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Express Yourself
  • Put Yourself in Someone Else's Place
  • Trust Your Gut
  • Divorce

Questions presented on the cards give players the opportunity to discuss feelings, ethical dilemmas, difficult social situations, privacy issues, empathy, values, and more. The sharing that takes place during the course of the game is both therapeutic and fun. Also included are four brief Parent Guides: Raising Children We Can Be Proud Of; What We Need to Teach Our Children: Trust Your Gut; Discussing Drugs With Your Children, and The Darkest SecretTalking About Sexual Abuse. These serve as a convenient way to involve parents in the therapeutic process and reinforce open communication (also available for separate purchase).