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Any Game Cards

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  • Make any game therapeutic with these one sentence cards!
  • Great for use with younger clients

  • Topics: bullying, social skills, self-esteem, anger, character, and staying healthy

  • Includes 6 sets of cards, plus instructions

  • Ages: 6 and up

Any Game Cards created by Max Nass, LMHC & Marcia Nass, M.S. These cards were developed for use with young clients who often want to play popular games. Simply add in these one-sentence cards to any popular game to make it therapeutic. There are six different card sets featuring relevant questions about bullying, social skills, self-esteem, anger, character, and staying healthy. In between turns, a child answers a question with an immediate response to keep the game pace going. Clinicians can also use these cards for opening up discussions. Depending on the group size and session time, questions can be asked after a single turn or after two, three, of four turns. You'll find that the children will remind you when it's their turn to be asked a question. Just find the games that children want to play, plug these cards in, and let the fun begin! Recommended for ages 6 and up.


36 Feeling Good cards

36 Goodbye to Bullies cards

36 Getting Along cards

36 Do the Right Thing cards

36 Get Fit cards

36 Calm Down cards

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