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A Volcano In My Tummy Book

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  • Help children identify their anger and deal with it constructively
  • Includes stories, exercises, reproducible worksheets, and easy-to-use games

  • Great resource for teachers, parents, and counselors

  • Ages: 6-15

A Volcano in My Tummy: Helping Children to Handle Anger by Eliane Whitehouse and Warwick Pudney. This instant bestseller offers new and creative approaches to help children learn to handle their anger so that they can lead successful, healthy, happy, and nonviolent lives. Full of stories, exercises, and easy-to-use games designed to encourage children to see their anger and to deal with it constructively. An invaluable source for teachers, parents, and counselors. Contains reproducible participant worksheets. Soft cover, 80 pages. Recommended for ages 6-15.