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The QuietMind 5 Book Series

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  • Photo-based therapeutic activities for anxiety, ADD/ADHD, grief, self-esteem and addictions
  • Grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Each book includes reproducible handouts
  • Suitable for all ages

 The Quiet Mind series, offers a creative and solution-oriented method for overcoming a variety of behavioral and emotional hurdles. Although grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy, the Quiet Mind series uses a holistic approach. Clinically successful and imaginative techniques, strategies, and visualizations link to accompanying photographs composed for particular goals. The combination of activities and creative options along with the visual cues of the photographs lay out an easy-to-follow groundwork for healthy and needed change. The Quiet Mind series is suitable for educators, mental health professionals, and parents looking for practical and creative ways to modify or diminish negative behaviors and symptoms.

Set includes one each of the following:

Volume One: Reducing Anxiety
Provides photo-activities to resolve anxiety, including overcoming fears, decreasing feelings of apprehension, learning to relax, reducing triggers, and building an inner safety and calm.

Volume Two: Harnessing ADD/ADHD
Offers an innovative combination of photographs linked to activities to learn to strengthen focus and attention span, increase levels of frustration tolerance, clear away internal and external distractions, learn to more easily calm down, and gain better control over emotions and impulsivity.

Volume Three: Resolving Grief
Resolving Grief is a compassionate guide for anyone who has experienced a loss. The photographs are linked to exercises and visualizations that aid in the process of healing grief, promoting resiliency, as well as offering strategies to help alleviate and resolve the pain of loss.

Volume Four: Increasing Self Esteem
Increasing Self-Esteem is based on the premise that low self-esteem can be unlearned. Photographs used as visual cues are linked to activities that enhance self-confidence and promote a more positive self-image.

Volume Five: Dealing With Addictions
Dealing With Addictions is an essential handbook for anyone who is in the recovery process or working with someone battling additions. Photographs are used as visual reminders linked with activities to help diminish addictive behaviors, as well as offering strategies to sustain a more balanced life.