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Totika Self Esteem Game w/Self Esteem Cards

Product Number : 2147

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  • Open-ended questions spark discussion about self-confidence, goal setting, role models, motivation, personal success, and happiness
  • Includes 48 cards with over 150 questions
  • For 2 or more players
  • Ages: 8 and up

Totika is a wood stacking game like no other! While trying to keep the stack from falling over, players draw cards and answer questions to promote conversation, relationship building, and getting to know each other. The Self Esteem question card deck challenges players to talk about how to set and achieve goals, identify role models, develop coping and critical thinking skills, and strive for self improvement and success. Players take turns pulling blocks from the stack and responding to questions. Over the last decade, Totika Self Esteem has become a favorite communication and self improvement game of parents, counselors, educators, medical professionals and everyone that works and plays with kids!

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