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Stand Up Against Bullying Campaign

Product Number : 1894A

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  • Encourage students to stand up against bullying
  • Includes posters, bookmarks, magnets, pamphlets, and silicone bracelets
  • Great tool for creating a school-wide anti-bullying campaign

Here is the perfect solution to get your students to stand up and campaign against bullying. These items will inform and inspire kids about ways to handle bullies and let them show their support to help others affected by bullying. Great to use in classrooms, for an entire grade level, or as a school-wide campaign.

Helpful Hint: Make it a week-long program with these 5 products
Day 1 Hang Poster Set
Day 2 Give out bookmarks
Day 3 Distribute Magnets
Day 4 Hand out pamphlets
Day 5 Have kids wear bracelets today and everyday

Complete campaign includes:
Stand Up Poster Set (5 posters)
100 bookmarks (1 pack)
100 magnets (4 packs of 25)
100 pamphlets (4 packs of 25)
100 silicone bracelets (10 packs of 10)