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Pocket Ungame - All Ages Version

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  • A non-competitive game that encourages conversation and communication
  • Can be used in families, classrooms, counseling sessions, youth groups, and more
  • For 2-8 players
  • Suitable for all ages

This game encourages players to be real and honest, so it is not a game where players pretend to be or do's an Un-Game. The cards encourage people to spend quality time with each other, improve listening skills, promote fairness, elicit self-talk, enhance self-discovery and raise self-esteem, and foster understanding and acceptance of others. This game is for families, classrooms, counseling sessions, youth groups, and more. The Ungame cards have many creative uses: topics for writing assignments, reading motivation, role-playing, and group discussions. This game is handy for travel, family get-togethers, parties, camping, classrooms, and more. This game can be played with any number of people but it works best with a group of 2-8 players.

Deck #1 (great as an ice breaker, to get acquainted, for fun and laughter)
Deck #2 (great for sharing feelings, talking about values, relating experiences)
Note: Deck #1 and Deck #2 are a total of 140 cards.

These cards can be used as a stand-alone game or with the Ungame board game

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