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ADHD: 102 Practical Strategies for "Reducing the Deficit" Book [2nd edition]

Product Number : 20841A

  • Help children and teens cope with and overcome ADHD
  • Improve academic and social/emotional abilities

  • Includes checklist and charts

  • Ages: 5-17

ADHD: 102 Practical Strategies for "Reducing the Deficit" by Kim "Tip" Frank, Ed.S, L.P.C. and Susan J. Smith-Rex, Ed.D. This great resource is concise and easy-to-follow and features powerful strategies to help ADD/ADHD students improve their academic and social/emotional abilities. The authors present 102 ways parents and professionals can help children and adolescents cope with and overcome ADHD. Included are checklists and charts to help with organizational skills. Soft cover, 94 pages. Recommended for ages 5-17.

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