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GriefWork Card Game and Book

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  • Help guide clients through the many stages of loss and grief: shock, disorganization, reorganization, and a new normal
  • Includes reproducible handouts and art work
  • Great tools for leaders to understand and empathize with participants
  • Includes 81 cards

Written by Fran Zamore, LISW, IMFT and Ester A. Leutenburg. New Normal, a term used to convey that everyone's grief has a unique expression and is that person's "normal". Clients are encouraged to deal with sorrow, express feelings, share, develop support systems, accept, adjust, and move forward. Also helps leaders understand and empathize, and teaches participants to heal and grow. Activities facilitate introspection and interaction.The reproducible handouts and art work to map the journey from numbness to normal.

The card pack is designed for facilitators to use with clients when discussing the grieving process. The 81 cards correspond to activities in the GriefWork: Healing from Loss book. Use questions to jump-start a session or as an activity during a session.