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Coping with Change Workbook

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  • This workbook deals with the relentless changes that take place in people's lives
  • Written to be used with both groups and individuals

  • Includes reproducible activities to guide participants through self-exploration

  • Each chapter includes notes for the facilitator

The Coping with Change Workbook: Facilitator Reproducible Guided Self-Exploration Activities. Coping with change is rapidly becoming a critical life skill that can be the difference between living a life of success or one of disappointment.This workbook contains assessments and guided self-exploration activities that practitioners can used with a variety of populations to help participants cope more effectively with the various forms of change. In today's society, many people find themselves living through multiple, extensive, often debilitating changes in their lives. Change manifests itself in many facets of a person's life including: workplace, health, home & family, and social network. Due to all of these changes, people are increasingly facing increased perpetual levels of stress. Although change has always been a part of the lives of human beings, the rate of this change is increasing exponentially. It is the speed of change that is increasing the stress in people's lives. Change is not going to stop and must be managed carefully.


Each chapter of this workbook begins with an annotated table of contents with notes and examples for the facilitator. Each chapter contains two primary elements:

1) A set of assessments to help participants gather information about themselves in a focused situation, and

2) A set of guided self-exploration activities to help participants process information and learn more effective ways of behaving to cope with anxiety in their lives.

The activities are divided into four chapters to help you identify and select assessments easily and quickly.

Chapter 1: Types of Change

This chapter helps participants identify and explore the changes that are currently occurring in their lives, as well as identify and explore the changes they anticipate in the future.

Chapter 2: Change Management

This chapter helps participants identify the life skills they possess in managing the change in their lives.

Chapter 3: Ways to Cope with Change

This chapter helps participants to explore how well they are coping with change in their lives, and learn some techniques for enhancing their ability to cope with change.

Chapter 4: My Attitude

This chapter helps participants explore their attitudes related to future change in their lives.


All of the guided activities are fully reproducible for use with your clients/participants.