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Prevention Bingo Games (Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs)

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  • Help teens develop the attitudes and skills to say no to drugs and alcohol
  • Includes 16 laminated playing cards each per game, chips, 75 calling cards each per game, reproducible handouts, and instructions
  • For 2-16 players
  • Ages: 12-18

Help teens build the attitudes and skills they need to say no to drugs and alcohol using a fun and engaging format. Includes Smoking Prevention Bingo, Alcohol Prevention Bingo, and Drug Prevention Bingo.

Smoking Prevention Bingo

Address why kids smoke, the effects of smoking, the facts about tobacco, ways to say no, and smoking prevention activities. Includes handouts, "Choosing Not to Smoke" and "Online Resources."

Alcohol Prevention Bingo

Teens learn about alcohol prevention while having fun! Each card contains a fact or idea to start your group thinking about why they should not use alcohol. Includes handout, "Twenty Questions About Problem Drinking.".

Drug Prevention Bingo

Topics include why kids use drugs, recognizing drug problems, effects of drug use, and saying "no."