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Remote Control Worry Control Game

Product Number : W-628C

  • Teach children muscle relaxation, deep breathing, and visualization to help relieve anxiety
  • Includes two decks of 40 cards each
  • For 2-5 players
  • Grades 1-9
This game uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help combat anxiety. It's use of relaxation techniques like muscle relaxation, deep breathing, and visualization are some of the strategies employed to help relieve anxiety. During the game, players read brief case studies adapted from real-life scenarios of "anxious" or "worried" thoughts of children. Players then practice one of the three essential skills: they POWER ON for positive self-talk, breaking the negative thought cycle that can lead to escalated worry/stress; they PAUSE and either act out or describe a relaxation technique, which helps them feel better emotionally; or they REWIND and describe a time in the past when they overcame a similar worry/stress successfully..

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