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Focus Game

Product Number : W-634

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  • A behavior modification program in a box!
  • Players practice their ability to stay focused on a given task

  • Multiple sets of cards are included based on grade levels

  • For 2-5 players

  • Grades: 1-12

This fun game is structured to encompass the essential elements of behavior modification and designed to have the greatest, positive impact on attention. Children receive rewards (usually in the form of tokens) when they accomplish a task within an appropriate time frame and without being distracted. The 3 sets of task cards are: Categories, Forward and Back, and Problem Solving. A player can elect to perform the task without distraction and win one token. The real challenge is to have someone pick a Distraction card who will perform the distraction while the player is doing the assigned task and then they will receive 2 tokens if the task is completed. Different sets of cards are included based on grade level (grades 1-5 cards, grades 6-8 cards, and grades 9-adult cards).


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