The Small Things That Make Us Smile — Childs Work Childs Play
The Small Things That Make Us Smile

The Small Things That Make Us Smile

Like last night, as I was making dinner, my kindergartener asked for "A turkey sandwich on that big bread." Big bread meaning the thick oatmeal bread I had bought at the bakery. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye to see if he had suddenly decided to prank me or something. Because he doesn't usually vary his diet very much. Peanut butter sandwiches are his favorite: thin slices of honey wheat with the crust off and only smooth peanut butter will do. [caption id="attachment_2500" align="aligncenter" width="292"] Peanut butter love for my picky eater[/caption] Sure, he'll eat pizza and pasta, grilled cheese, yogurt, almost every fruit, and the occasional chicken nugget, plus almost any breakfast food(and any and all things dessert-like). Enough variety that I can pretend to myself that he isn't really a picky eater. Though somewhere shoved down in my mind, I have a list of what he does and does not eat. Turkey sandwiches on thick hearty bread is not on that list. But I made him the sandwich and handed it to him, thinking that if he took a half bite and refused it, I could chalk it up to progress and eat the sandwich as my own meal. To my surprise, he ate the whole thing. And I wanted to do a dorky little dance all around the kitchen and blast across facebook "My kindergartener ate a turkey sandwich!" Then I realized that the majority of my facebook friends would be like uh... yeah... WHY are you so excited about that? It's a sandwich. I make my kids eat whatever I put in front of them. But there are some of us who find joy in small triumphs. Because we know it's not as easy as just making our kids do it. Tell me, what small thing has made you smile lately?
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