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The Benefits of Blogging as a Special Needs Parent

The Benefits of Blogging as a Special Needs Parent

special needs parents As a special needs parent to three boys on the autism spectrum, I deal with stress and anxiety on a daily basis. For a very long time I really struggled with everything. I was frustrated and felt helpless. Then a few years ago, I discovered something that has become a life saver for not only my peace of mind but also my sanity. Special needs parenting can be very challenging. Personally, I experience a myriad of feelings and emotions ranging from frustration to even resentment. These feelings are to be expected and I have learned to accept them and not feel guilt or shame for feeling them, as I’m only human. Along with accepting these feelings, I also have the responsibility of coping with them as well. There are many ways in which I could cope; however, the one I find works best for me is blogging. I know what you’re thinking. How could blogging have possibly helped? Blogging is something that I have found to be a very effective way for me to respond to the stress in my life. For me, it’s a safe and effective outlet for my frustrations. I find myself feeling better after writing things down and then walking away, leaving them there for all to read. I don’t consider myself a gifted writer and I don’t think you have to be. Blogging is essentially a digital journal that is stored on a server somewhere, instead of under your mattress. There is no right or wrongs when it comes to writing your own blog. It’s all about sharing your thoughts, feelings, opinions and experiences with the world. It should also be noted that you can also make your blog private. This means that only those you wish to allow access will have the ability to read It. I began blogging back in 2010. I was writing solely for myself and I never intended to others to actually read it. However, what happened was more than I could have envisioned. People were responding to what I was writing. Before long, I found myself connecting with other parents who were feeling the same as I was. I realized that I was no longer alone. In fact, the reality was that I had never been alone. I simply didn’t know there were others out there like me. What I ended finding was not only an outlet but also a support system... Come back tomorrow to read Rob's tips on how and where to start your own blog!
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