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Meet the Blogger- Jim Walter

Meet the Blogger- Jim Walter

Meet the Blogger- Jim Walter Hi! I'm Jim. I'm an engineer turned project manager by day, and a blogger by night. Like Batman but less important, and without the tights. Which is not to say I'm naked. I'm fully clothed. I'm just saying Batman wears tights and I don't. Not usually. Listen, maybe Batman was a bad analogy. Anyway, I blog. When I'm not blogging here I'm blogging at my "family" page: Just a Lil Blog. I'm pretty no-nonsense, "down-to-earth", and non-judgemental. I'm the Switzerland of parent bloggers. I love telling stories, and I love my family, and I've found an outlet in blogging that allows me to combine the two. I'm married to a very patient (very) and grounded woman who impassively deals with my nonsense, keeps me well-behaved (where possible), acts as my moral and social compass, while co-parenting my children better than anyone else on the planet possibly could. She's my Robin. Or, wait, we agreed not to do the Batman thing...she completes me. We have two children: one neurotypical (normie) 10 year old, and one autistic 6 year old. They are my greatest adventure and my most fulfilling project. For the longest time I told stories about my oldest and I kept my youngest sort of hidden from view. I think at the time I felt like I was protecting her. But even those stories that I wanted to tell required too much background for a casual reader/listener to understand their significance, like explaining the entire history of diagnosis and development just to frame the importance of something as simple as a wave "hello". I just...stopped telling those stories, and that made me unhappy. In the special needs community I've discovered a "Clan" that understands the unspoken backstory. Embracing this community has allowed me to find an appreciative audience for all the stories, not just the ones that the soccer moms are sharing over lattes while their children play quietly in another room. Telling both kids' stories makes me happy. I hope my posts here strike a chord with you. I hope you'll laugh with me when I relay some ridiculousness you can connect with, or cry with me at some shared tragedy, join my righteous indignation and rage against the machine, or cheer with me while we celebrate victories large and "small". Because big and small are relative and change with perspective, and walking down a flight of stairs unassisted is to some what a dance recital solo is to others. And I have stories about both.
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Bill Kelley - March 26, 2017

my wife and I recently read the 21 investments you should make . We have 2 sons with autism a 28 and 22 year old the the article was so spot on I was sure my wife had written it. Best wishes Bill .

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