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Holding onto Christmas Magic

Holding onto Christmas Magic

I have a confession that may make me seem like a hypocrite. When it comes to my daughter Brooke I am constantly advocating for people to see beyond her almond eyes. Not to make a snap judgement just because she has Down Syndrome. My daughter is more alike than different and I have high hopes for her and try to hold her to the same standards as her brothers and sister. And yet... When it comes to Christmas I hope that her developmental delay will make her believe just a little bit longer than other typical children. Is that wrong? Does that undo every bit of advocacy I've ever done? Or am I just a mama who wants to hang on to the magic of Christmas just a little bit longer? The sound of the feet clattering across the house Christmas morning while little voices shout He came! Santa came! gets me just as excited as the kids! Watching them unwrap their gifts as they chat about how amazing it is that Santa really did know just what was on their lists make my heart fluttery with excitement as the paper and bows fly through the air! My kids truly believe with all of their hearts that Santa has sent our elf, Hermey, to watch over them during the day and report back every night to make sure every one is on their best behavior. So I can really be blamed if I want to hold on to that? Kids grow up so quickly nowadays, every year I sit anxiously wondering if this is the year one of my kids question the magic of Christmas and Santa... But now I have a chance to hang on to that magic just a little bit longer than other families... Yet I feel it's wrong. I feel like maybe I've lowered my own expectations of my daughter while constantly begging others to treat her like any other person. So am I a hypocrite? Or just a mom who wants to keep our children young and innocent as long as possible? Holly Waligora is a married mother of four young children who only has two hands, which is why if you ever see her in public she’s usually running after one of them.  When at home she can be found hiding in the bathroom with a book under the guise of scrubbing a toilet.  Her family doesn’t quite appreciate her humor, so she loves random strangers to read her words at Holly’s House-Not a Perfect Mom’s Blog. Don’t forget to enter our Boredom Buster giveaway: a Kindle Fire preloaded with our best-selling apps! 
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