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Autism Daddy Bloggers

Autism Daddy Bloggers

This past week, one of our Childswork bloggers, Jim, shared a list of fathers who blog about autism and their families. They each have a story to tell, much like the moms who blog. We loved the idea of seeing the dads' perspective and wanted to be sure you checked out these dads and their blogs, just in case you don't already follow Jim's blog on facebook (go follow now!) and missed this list!  
  • Neil from Pucks and Puzzle Pieces: autism, adhd, asperger's, family, children, ice hockey.
  • Bil from Pancakes Gone Awry: musings from special needs parents.
  • Jordan from Find My Eyes: stay at home DAD raising a child with High Functioning Autism
  • Tim from Both Hands and a Flashlight: Autism, Parenting, and the Pursuit of Kicking Butt.
  • Ferris from Autism Daddy: The mission of my page has become to talk about and try to laugh about all the unpleasantries of this crazy world of autism.
  • Darrin from Fathers for Autism: designed to provide information, a sounding board and a voice for fathers of autistic children.
  • Joel from Joel: Husband to an Amazing Wife, and Father of a Child with Autism
  • Stuart from Stuart Duncan: Autism from a Father's Point of View: Raising an Autistic child from a father's point of view. Here I share all of what it means to me to do everything to make sure my son can have the best life that he can, no matter what.
  • Jon from Happy Trouble: Light reading for parents of kids with autism spectrum disorders and sensory processing issues.
  • Lou from Lou's Land: Lou is a married father of three children. His oldest daughter was diagnosed as having Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 4.
  • Jerry from Bacon and Juiceboxes: Our Life With Autism. Dedicated to my son.
  • Jim from Just a Lil Blog: The true life adventures of an autistic little girl, and her struggles raising her two parents with only a big sister to help her.
If you prefer to follow along via facebook, here are the links to their fanpages: Pucks and Puzzle Pieces, Pancakes Gone Awry, Find My Eyes, Both Hands and a Flashlight, Autism Daddy, Fathers for Autism, Brain Fried Network, Stuart Duncan: Autism from a Father's Point of View, Happy Trouble, Lou's Land, Bacon and Juiceboxes, Just a Lil Blog
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