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ADHDmazing Artwork by Cristina Margolis

ADHDmazing Artwork by Cristina Margolis

It is speculated that Leonardo DaVinci, Vincent Van Gogh, and Pablo Picasso all had ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).  They exhibited many of the classic characteristics a person with ADHD has.  All of these famous artists were passionate and creative geniuses with the ability to hyperfocus on their artwork, changing the way the world saw art forever.

In order to help spread ADHD Awareness, My Little Villagers collaborated with extraordinary artistic children with ADHD.  The children created pieces of art that represented what having ADHD is like for them and were kind enough to share their masterpieces with the world.  The children’s ages ranged from 7 to 14 and they all did a magnificent job of representing what ADHD is like through their artwork.  Not only did these children have fun creating their masterpieces, I found it therapeutic for my own child to let her thoughts and feelings out through her art.  Thank you very much to all of the ADHDmazing artists!  I hope you enjoy our project: ADHDmazing Artwork:

“I feel this represents how individuals have difficulty with all types of focus issues,” says Emily (Age 12).  Emily is the ADHDmazing artist who inspired My Little Villagers’ idea to showcase the artwork of amazing and talented children with ADHD. (Thank you, Emily!)

“This is how I feel sometimes, split in four.” This magnificent piece of art was created by a nine year old. The artists’ mother adds, “She’s amazing and we love her.”

“I liked using all the different materials and getting to hammer and pound the nails into the wood,” says Douglas (Age 8). Douglas’ artwork is based on an artist he learned about in school, Enrique Grau.  Douglas’ mom adds, “Art and creating is the only thing he can bounce around with, spend hours working on, change directions a million times, and have a beautiful end product. There is no right or wrong.” You are absolutely right, Douglas’ mom!

“The volcano is like my anger and sadness wanting to come out and I try really hard to keep them in,” says Haley (Age 9). What an explosively awesome observation, Haley!

This fantastic artwork was done by Juliana (Age 14).  Her mother says, “She is obsessed with 21Pilots, a band from America. All she does is draw them. She would rather draw and paint than get down to her studies and homework.  She is a great artist and it is the one thing she loves to do.”

This inspirational piece of art was created by Kailynn (Age 9).  She writes, “ADHD: You can be creative. You are smart. You can be awesome and make good choices.”

“Having ADHD is like having a puppy on my head,” says Giuliana (Age 7). Her mom adds, “As someone who has to do her hair every morning, I agree!”


Thanks to Cristina Margolis for this ADHDmazing submission to Childswork Childsplay!

Art is one of many therapy tools for children to help them with emotional intelligence management. We think these kids are wonderfully talented! 

To see more from Cristina on her website, click here!



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